Going Up!
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode Info
Air date October 25, 1998
Written by Fracaswell Hyman & Peter Lauer
Directed by Shawn Levy
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Going Up! was the first episode of season one of The Famous Jett Jackson. It aired on Disney Channel (Zoog) on October 25, 1998. 


On his way from class Jett's character, Silverstone, is chased by henchmen on motorbikes. Nevertheless, Silverstone manages to escape them. He gets out his grappling hook and lifts himself out of the way, one of the henchmen run into a wall. Afterwards, the director calls cut and the scene ends. Jett is interview by a reporter on the rumours of him moving out of Hollywood and canceling his show "Silverstone". He explains that he is not going to quit the show but is going to move production to his hometown of Wilsted, North Carolina. 

When he arrives to Wilsted he is greeted by a horde of fanatics with posters and chanting his character's name. The crowd gets hectic to the point they chase after him. He manages to lose the crowd and bumps into his friend J.B. Halliburton. J.B. almost gets run over by a truck. A girl by the name of Ana comes out to see if J.B. and Jett are alright. She and her father offer them a ride to Jett's house. Jett is greeted by his father, Woodrick, and his great-grandmother Coretta whom he calls "Nana". 

During dinner, J.B. talks to Jett about an alleged 'moon-hag' who does spells. He convinces Jett to come with him to take pictures of the 'moon-hag' since there's a full moon out. J.B. forgets to turn off the flash from the camera. The old lady notices them and sends out her dog "Bones" to chase after them. They grab their bikes and run away. Meanwhile, Delilah Bottom, a Silverstone fangirl was watching them from the bushes. She hands money to the old lady, Mrs. Scaggs, to make her a love potion. J.B. and Jett get into a fight on their way back. Jett thinks he's using him for his fame. The next day Jett finds out J.B. is lost so he and Ana go looking for him. Eventually, they find J.B. at the bottom of a ditch. Jett manages to get his friend out of the ditch and they forgive each other.


Jett Jackson - Lee Thompson Young

J.B. Halliburton - Ryan Sommers Baum

Woodrick Jackson - Gordon Greene

Coretta Jackson - Montrose Hagins

Ana - Amy Correa

Delilah Bottom - Karen Corona

Deputy Cooper - Keith Flippen

Mrs. Scaggs - Patience Cleveland

Tawny Starr - Diane Hsu