Who's the Man
Jett and Hall
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Info
Air date November 1, 1998
Written by Fracaswell Hyman
Directed by Rosamund Owen
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Who's the Man is the second episode of season one of The Famous Jett Jackson. It aired on Disney Channel (Zoog) November 1, 1998. 


It's Jett's first day at Wilsted Middle School. Being a TV star he attracts attention from the kids at school. This upsets local popular boy, Hall, the Mayor's son. Hall pretends to befriend Jett and even gets him into trouble. While running away from fanatics Jett accidently runs into the girls bathroom. This is where he meets Kayla West, who will later on become one of his closest friends. Kayla assures that its safe for Jett to leave but tells the fanatics where he is and he runs off again.

Jett's teacher, Mrs. Darden, confiscated his cell phone due to his agent, Plunkett, constantly calling. After class, Jett's cell phone is found in his locker. He is sent to the principals office and is suspended. Jett starts hanging out with Hall and J.B. is afraid his friend is going to be taken away from him. Jett is frustrated with people not treating him like a normal person; he is considering going back to L.A. J.B. sneaks into Jett's room to take one of his "Silverstone" gadgets; a pen that works as a voice recorder. J.B. hands Kayla the pen so she can record Hall when they go horseback riding together. 

Next day, J.B. drags Jett to school despite being suspended. A tour bus playes the voice recording of Hall through the speakers, proving Jett's innocence. At the end, Jett and J.B. are washing the tour bus as part of the agreement for using their speakers. 


Jett Jackson - Lee Thompson Young

J.B. Halliburton - Ryan Sommer Baum

Woodrick Jackson - Gordon Greene

Coretta Jackson - Montrose Hagins

Kayla West - Kerry Duff

Hall Beale Jr. - Daniel Desanto

Mrs. Darden - Jackie Richardson

Plunkett - Vince Corazza